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Am Shabu. I was bought to this world by my father Balakrishnan and my mother Premaja at midnight of 29th Septermber 1973. I then enjoyed my home town Kannur,(Kerala, one of the Southern state of India), city of looms for few months. Later on we came to the gardern city Bangalore. There after we made Bangalore our dwelling. I had my schooling, Colleage education and Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology in Bangalore. In meantime i got a brother and sister also. After my Graduation in Commerece from Seshadripuram colleage,Bangalore, got an oppurtunity to work as an Account Assistant in a private firm. It was after six months one of my friend got me an application form for PGDST entrance test conducted by NCST (now merged with CDAC) It was from here my IT career began. Though I did attend few computer courses after my graduation.

From 1999, started freelance software development, during which did a project for National Law School of India University, to automated their Library using Visual Basic 6, Fox Pro and My SQL on Linux.

Now working as a Software Engineer for a private firm from 2001. To start with worked on Visual Basic, Install Shield. Later on started working on MSVC++ for two and a half years. Lately from 2004 working on CSharp. Also do work as an external consultant for another private firm.

I like to cycle, swim, chat, browse the net, make tools, play with electronic gadgets, listen to songs, instrumental, semi clasical etc .....etc.....etc, like to collect thoughts, qoutes, poems, touching stories, tech magazines, pictures, photographs, dried flowers, scanned pictures of natural flowers, will not miss any oppturnity to travel long distance. love to visit places, seashore, river banks, mountain valley, forests etc....collect stones, sea shells, corals, have an aquarium with few stones, shells, aqua plants and fishes ofcourse !!! anything that makes me feel good.
Off late have stated to read tech books, articles and magazines offline as well as online,now have a good collecton.

I value truth, honesty, respect, concern for others, friendship, love, hopes and dreams more than anything else.
I would go to any extent to help a friend in need.

Am facinated by the invisible force behind the functioning of the entire system right from subautomic systems to the gaint heavenly bodies. I belive in the power of Mind, Subconscious Mind, Meditation, Relaxation, Laughter, Gratitude, Honesty.

Latest newz is that am doing MSc Maths course from Kuvempu Open University.(Shimoga, Karnataka, India).

With tonns of gratitude.
Hope you will find this space useful.
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