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	Hi all,

		Somebody wanted to know about the electric chimney and any other alternative
for the problem in the kitchen when some food is fried or roasted.
Here is some of the alternatives which came to my thought and few I could find out.

1. Stop eating food, at least fried food. Or not to cook fired food food inside the kitchen.
( may be cook on the balcony or inside the compound id possible)

2. Take the hard bound of old book and blow ... like olden days hand fan.

3. Break open the roof top and build a traditional chimney right on top of the stove.

4. Make use of old of unused vacuum cleaner of any other such kind of equipment available,
fit it above the stove and use when ever required meaning when frying food.

5. Build a duct... like in industrial air conditioners, starting from u r kitchen ..
to be more specific from top of the stove and ending at the neighbors window...
so that you donít have any problem with the smoke generated from the fried food.
( donít mind neighbor shouting long as u r problem is solved..)

and if any of these things donít work out... try this

6. Get an electric chimney. Its fixed on the top of the stove, about 2 feet. a small tube
is connect to the chimney and this tube must have a way out. The chimney sucks the
smoke .... etc. and blows through the tube. The chimney requires power to work.
The price ranges from Rs.7500/- up to 15000/- and more.
More info is available from following tel. no.
VGP Jayanagar/double road - 6346301
Balaji -Electronics, Rajaji nagar. - 3326581
Favor - 2212263
and still if u need further info check out for me at roof top around u r homes.
I might be implementing some of the solutions above.
Have a very nice time.
( wish u not to miss any fried food at home)