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Do you know where is my white little pussy cat ?

Some days back when i was going to have Lunch, felt something behind me,
When i turned back, saw a white little pussy cat.

She had a very nice fur, beautiful eyes, pink nose and long thick bush black tail. After that every day i used to watch her,
off course from a distance never going anywhere near her, enjoy the her stare back from a distance.

I always wanted to go near here and pick her in my arms and pat her on the white silky fur..
but never dared to go near her.

Then one fine day i found her sitting besides me as a an old wish come true or like a dream come true.

I enjoyed her company, playing with her, and i believe she also enjoy my company.
She used to come with me when ever i felt i needed some company and drew away my sadness away.

Her meow was like a sweet song for me, her staring look is so comforting,
when i twisted my head looking at her, she also sways her head side ways looking into my eyes as if asking what are you upto ?

One thing she dose'nt like is touching her tail, the moment some thing touches her tail
she pounce back groaning as if shouting ... don't... don't touch my tail.

But today i couldnt find here around, searched all around....but not around...
Do you know where is my white little pussy cat ?