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Computes a Biorhythm based on a birthdate

Biorhythm Theory states that our lives are influenced by a Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual cycle which begin at birth. At birth, all three states start at the critical point and begin to rise to a positive peak, then slowly decline to their low point. On a day where the cycle crosses the critical point your abilities can vary wildly. Although there is no scientific evidence to support Biorhythm Theory, you will have to test it on yourself! You assume full responsibility for your actions. Have Fun !!!

What is a Biorhythm?

A biorhythm is based on the idea that certain aspects of your life move in cycles. These being your Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Intuitive well being. The cycle is based on a sine wave, each starting at 0 on the day of your birth. Each of the different aspects cycles at a different rate.

Physical biorhythm with period of 23 days is drawn in red color and gives you the power of resistance of your organism, your reflex, function of your digestion system and other organs.

Emotional biorhythm with period of 28 days is drawn in blue color and divulges your feeling, mood, creativity and nerve, system.

Intellectual biorhythm has a period of 33 days and is drawn in pink color and shows: capability, concentration, memory, ambition, caution, logical and analytical function of human being.

Biorhythm is an interactive installation in which participants are asked to evaluate how they feel and to compare their feelings with a computer analysis of their biorhthym condition for that day. Then a palmist reading of their thumbs reveals another aspect of that question - juxtaposing a technologically based analysis with a psychologically derived one. The installation elements in the exhibit at WORKS Gallery in San Jose, California, 1983, consist of one year of twelve large calendars upon which Rapoport collaged each day's important events. At the same time that she created this pictorial diary she charted her estimate of her own biorhythm condition. After a year of recording this data, she compared her evaluation with a computer anaysis of her biorhythm cycles. Shown beside each calendar month is a printout of this analysis. The wall exhibit culminates in a trio of superimposed 36" vellum plots that expose the union of commonalities of her biorhythm evaluation and the computer's prediction.

The interactive part of the installation starts when the participants declare "how they feel"at the front desk where they receive a hospital wristband of the appropriate color. They are seated in a chair, don a dentist's bib and are photographed expressing their feelings with their hands poised in front of the bib. The participants are also asked to speak this condition into a microphone to be recorded. Their own biorythm evaluation is compared with biorhythm analyses on the three computers at the site. If the evaluation and the analysis are the same the participants are declared winners and receive a blue ribbon. Recording on a chart the comparative results of the biorhythm data and the palmist reading finalizes the participation performance.

Elements from theBiorhythm installation were exhibited with the audio recordings at the Clock Tower, New York City; the Art Commission gallery, San Francisco; and the Otis Institute of the Parson's School of Design, Los Angeles, California, from 1984 to 1985. A video of the event was made with Skip Sweeny. It was shown at the University Film Archive, Berkeley and New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 1984.
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