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What are Biorythms?

Well, there is a strong belief in the theory that from the day we are born natural rythms or cycles regulate our lives. There are three of these cycles, the Physical 23 day cycle , the Emotional 28 day cycle and the Intellectual 33 day cycle.

It is believed that these cycles are not altered or effected by external stresses or factors, nor is it believed that they vary from person to person. These cycles take the form of sine waves. When positive or high they increase your abilities in that area and when they decrease or are at a low, your abilities decrease in that area. When they undergo the transition from positive to negative or vice versa, they are said to be critical. On these days your performance can vary wildly between excellent and disastrous. When in these critical days it is better to exercise caution while in this indeterminate state of flux.

The Japanese take Biorythms extremely serious and will in fact give workers the day off when they show a particularly bad chart. These pages are only here for you to judge for yourself whether or not they do in fact demonstrate your abilities and pitfalls accurately. After all it is just for a bit of fun, or is it?

The chart is a Java Applet so you will need a Java enabled browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape 3.0 and a 32 bit dialler to view.

GreenballThe Physical Cycle

GreenballThe Emotional Cycle

GreenballThe Intellectual Cycle

GreenballTake me to the chart


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