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Biorhythm - Your life in waves

What is the biorhythm theory ?

The biorhythm theory assumes that man has inner clocks that influence his life. There are three cycles that start with birth:
  - The 23-day or physical cycle. (vitality, strength)
  - The 28-day or psychological cycle. (intuition, sensitivity)
  - The 33-day or intellectual cycle. (intellectual power and strength)
These cycles (waves) are being displayed as curves. Every cylce consists of a postive and a negative phase. The day a curve passes the zero line (i.e. the curve is neither positive nor negative) is called a critical day. The day of birth for example is an extremely critical day, since all curves are zero.

Critical days (curve is zero) are days with a high significance for the biorhythm curves.
The danger of accidents and wrong decisions increases.
Strong days (curve is very positive) are strong, dynamical phases.
Weak days (curve is very negative) are phases that should be used for recreation.

The biorhythm cylces are the result of intensive scientific research. Because the biorhytm cannot be influenced by man, you should adjust activities (especially ones like surgery and difficult exams and tests) according to your biorhythm. Use negative and critical phases for recreations. In Japan the biorhythm is widely (and successfully) used to prevent accidents.

The program: Biorhythm, Tendencies, Critical Days...

With Biorhythm for Windows you can display the biorhythm curves of one month and the tendency of the curves for a 6-month-period. Besides that you can comfortably keep track of persons and their birthdays by storing them in "data lists".

Goodies: Stop forgetting birthdays, anniversaries etc...

Another feature of Biorhythm for Windows is the possibility to display the birthdays of a data list upon the startup of Windows. This can be done once a day or every time you start up Windows.
The birthdays are displayed between 1 and 365 days in advance - however you like it. Therefore Biorhythm for Windows can also be used to remind you of reoccurring dates like wedding anniversaries etc.
It saved me quite a few forgotten birthdays. (I tend to forget them... :-( )

Besides that, you may view and print monthly and yearly birthday overviews for your convienience.

And if you have forgotten what day you were born... no problem! The built-in eternal calendar (okay, I admit it. It's not eternal. It ends in the year 9999.) will help you out here.
(Did you know that Napoleon I. was born on a Tuesday?)

Download and installation

After the Download simply run the file wb_compr.exe.
It will create a new directory that contains the WinBio Setup files. (Those fit on a floppy disc if you want to save them or want to pass them on to others.)
Simply run SETUP.EXE to install a shareware version of Biorhythm for Windows. The file README.WRI contains more information on the program and the setup procedure.

ATTENTION: The shareware version will not allow you to save data lists or to print biorhythm curves, tendencies, critical days or birthday overviews.

Information on how to register can be found by selecting 'About shareware' from the 'Shareware' menu. (From the 'Help' Menu in the registered version. Or from me.)
The registration fee is 8 US-Dollar (or 5 Euro within Europe) and I think Biorhythm for Windows is not overpriced - in contrast to many other shareware programs.

If you want to pass on Biorhythm for Windows to others, you may either copy the the installation file(s) or use the 'Create shareware copy' command from the 'File' menu that will create a shareware copy of Biorhythm for Windows on a disk. It is very likely that you will not create a working copy of WinBio by simply copying the installed files to a disk.

ATTENTION: Biorhythm for Windows may only be passed on completely, i.e. with all files. You may only charge a fee that covers your own costs of copying.

If you need more information or help with Biorhythm for Windows, run the Online-Help. (Or mail me.) To get an introduction to WinBio choose 'Introduction' from the 'Help' menu.

Now it's time to download! Click here. (400 KB, approx. 4 min @ 14400 bps, 2 min @ 28800 bps, 1 min @ 56k / ISDN)

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