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CARD POWER by Veenu Sandal


Like new leaves which appear after the autumnal shedding, fresh ideas will appear in your mind this week. The new perspectives which form as a result will make most of you feel far more confident about outcomes. You’ll be gearing yourself to a new phase where you’ll be prepared to give not just more of yourself, but actually assert yourself. In effect, you’ll be applying lessons from the past where you’ve often suffered because you’ve kept silent in the interests of good taste. Naturally, as you gain in self-assurance, there’ll be a commensurate reduction in anxiety inducing uncertainties as well. With fewer pressures weighing on your mind and hustling you into ill-timed action, you’ll be able to plan in a more relaxed fashion, you’ll be able to enjoy whatever you’re doing to a greater extent than before. In business, there’ll be good news, though the profits may not begin to roll in straightaway. At the personal level, you’ll be prone to irritation — till such time as you philosophise your way through the situation.

Romance for the month: Sigh. Sigh. Yet again. It’s not easy to handle is it, this wonderful thing called love. One moment, you’ll tend to rant and sulk but the next you’ll realise that you can’t really do without your partner. Your best bet: let time take over. Rating: ***


If somebody were to ask you to rate your own progress, you’d probably hum and haw. If your critics were asked to do so, they’d probably grind their teeth — a clear giveaway or acknowledgement of your position of superiority this week. In fact, graphic artistes would find it easy to prepare a progress chart for you, because there would hardly be anything else that needs to be done than drawing one long line going upwards. Along with notching up satisfying achievements, most of you will be aided indirectly both by circumstances and by people, particularly in the professional sphere. Unexpectedly, your work will be in focus and people will like your approach and what you’re producing. For some of you, there could be a prestigious new contract. Business-wise, most of you will be in a strong position and will be able to dictate terms. However, if you lend money this week, it’s unlikely that you’ll see it for a long time, if ever. Personally, you’ll be adding more names and phone numbers to your list.

Romance for the month: New attractions will tend to extend their hold over you, spark off new desires and in general add fizz to your life. But, you’ll need to look more carefully at the sustainability angle before going ahead. Rating: ****


Happenings which are precursors of good things to come and will prepare the stage for bigger things at a later stage are likely to take place in the background. In the meantime, distinct gains are foretold for most of you this week. Professionally, there could be news of additional perks or perhaps the knowledge that your efforts are being appreciated, that you’re very much the person who fits the bill for a prestigious development. Just as some of you are biding your time before the big push, there are people or at least one person in authority who has shortlisted you for a certain task, but is biding time, waiting for the right moment to put it to you. It’s some procedural hitches which are standing in the way. Professionally and financially, overseas matters will be lucky for you. In business, fortunate circumstances will bring you unexpected profits and news that a lumpsum payment will soon be yours will enable you to move forward with expansion plans. Personally, expanding your circle of contacts will give you satisfaction.

Romance for the month: The rapport between you will be fine for the better part of the month, the physical closeness will be exciting, but somewhere you’ll feel you’re missing out on variety. Rating: ****


There are some people who are content to drift with the currents. And there are others, like you, who tend to constantly check out on the direction in which you’re heading. This tendency to be restive will yield twin results this week. Firstly, searching for stability will bring new experiences and recognition your way. At the same time, many of you will realise that even though you have the requisite skills and expertise, the stable position you’re seeking is surrounded by question marks partly because competitive forces are very strong right now. Partly, while your equations with a senior or seniors are good, the seniors may be handicapped by macro pressures which force them to adopt certain lines of action which don’t contribute to your peace of mind. You will, therefore, need to size up situations and the attendant possibilities far more astutely than before. Besides, financial adjustments of some kind may be required, and you’ll tend to be uneasy on this score as well.

Romance for the month: Companionship will tend to form an integral part of romance and many of you will actively seek or try to create opportunities to do things together. Rating: ***


Now is the time to do a quick spot of stock taking and push ahead with all the forces at your command. Stepping up the pace will be beneficial this week, not just in business but professionally as well. That’s because work in general will tend to get snarled up unless you can maintain the momentum which will see it through. In particular, something which you put in the pipeline could encounter unforeseen opposition, and you’ll need to work on it before a final outcome can be ensured. In the process, you may have to contend with seniors or collaborators who change their minds about how certain tasks should be handled. You’ll also have to beware of a certain colleague who has scores to settle and colleagues who are too immersed in their own self-promotion activities. Financially, new breakthroughs will come as a great relief. Personally, even though you’ve weathered some rough bits without complaining, you’ll now be looking for some respite from anxieties.

Romance for the month: If you’re single, a promising new romance is in the offing. If a relationship is on or if you fancy somebody, you’ll have to be the one to set the ball rolling in the desired direction. Rating: ****


Just when you were beginning to feel handicapped and somewhat depressed at the slower than expected rate of progress, things will begin to happen. Obstacles will melt away, opportunities which you’d bypassed will resurface though in a somewhat different form for many of you this week. At your place of work, you’ll find seniors reposing exceptional trust in you and your abilities. With so much going in your favour, you’ll be able to blossom in new ways and the really good part will be that people around you will not be in a position to thwart you or to interfere in your progress. You’ll be in a position of strength where you’ll not only be able to hold on firmly to the reins but manoeuvre your chariot adroitly. Business-wise, you’ll be able to increase your profits, procure bulk orders, expand in a phased manner, but you’ll still need to plan keeping your competitors in mind. A good week to seek long-term loans or capital. Personally, identifying and reducing areas of friction would be a good idea.

Romance for the month: Most of you will continue to enjoy a good romantic run. And even though your partner may be a bit reluctant at first, you’ll soon be able to ensure the sort of participation you’ve set you heart on. Rating: *****


Energising yourself and taking your work to new heights will be high on your agenda as you look for new ways and means of furthering your goals. And you’re very much on the right track, because working with renewed vigour will allow most of you to gain at least three advantages this week. One, you’ll be able to harness the capabilities of others, to drive them towards the goals you have in mind without treading on too many toes. Two, you’ll be able to set new standards of excellence for yourself and for others. And three, you’ll be able to translate a greater proportion of your ideas into action. The cumulative impact of these factors will yield benefits almost straightaway, but the major ones will become apparent at a later date. Financially, personal expenses will tend to be high, but business prospects will improve considerably. You’ll be able to put the finishing touches to something which has been "cooking" for a while. Personally, old relationships will tend to come into their own.

Romance for the month: The cards predict that holding hands will tend to be "kid stuff" for most of you this month. You’ll be looking for far more than gestures. It’s commitments and depth of feeling that will count. Rating: *****


The Wheel of Fortune will be in constant motion for you all week. As a result, new dimensions will appear before you and set off new cycles of thought. Besides all the rethinking you’ve been doing, even when you don’t want to, you’ll now have to go in for a phase of reorganisation and reshuffle some of your priorities. One of your major priorities is likely to centre round protection against exploitation by others. While others will tend to keep the juicy bits for themselves, they’ll actually appear to take an unkind delight in leaving you with the rinds. Come on, Scorpios, you can’t allow such unfair allocation to take place. Asserting yourself and insisting on a cooperative approach is a right which you must exercise. However, while other people will tend to play a pivotal in your affairs, you must take care not to neglect improvement of your strengths. Financially, luckily, there’ll be lots happening which will make you feel satisfied.

Romance for the month: A lot more of bounce and verve will be evident on your love relationship this month. That’s partly because the other person will be more caring, and partly because your own desires will be strong. Rating: *****


Will all the new ideas which race through your head at the slightest suggestion ever remain on the sidelines? Doesn’t look like it, if one goes by what is reflected for you in the cards for the week. It’s quite clear that not only will new ideas and schemes refuse to take a backseat, but working out new themes will be most beneficial for many of you at this stage when others are daring to be more and more competitive. After all, if other people can come up with new ideas, so can you, and better ones at that. It’s a different matter that you can’t resort to sycophancy to get your schemes off the ground. But there’s little doubt that if you get down to it in earnest, your suggestions and proposals will stand out due to sheer merit and at least some aspects will get selected for implementation. In business, there’ll be no immediate cause for worry, but do try and stay on the look out for new avenues of investment. Personally, make sure you don’t rub up something the wrong way.

Romance for the month: Intense feelings will spur you towards poetic expression of your love. The response you get from your partner will send you to cloud nine, but there’ll also be times when you’ll need to guard against being over-possessive. Rating: ****


Pulling together all the different strands that have appeared recently, especially on the professional front will be a challenging task, but the cards predict that you’ll succeed sooner than other people expect. Of course, it’ll take a while for new patterns which are favourable for you to crystallise, but meanwhile there’ll be no dearth of good things happening. You’ll be working out totally new plans on the one hand, and reframing and restructuring matters which are already in operation. Some of you will be on the look out for new sponsors for an idea or a product, and if you make the right pitch, you may well get one sooner than you expect. Anything which needs innovative elements, long-term planning or programming, or creativity which has an across-the-board appeal will flourish under your control this week. Financially, investment in assets would be more beneficial than any other form of investment. Personally, make sure you give sufficient time to friends and old contacts.

Romance for the month: New desires will surface and impel many of you towards exciting new relationships. The person who does all kinds of things to you will be different, sensuous in a lazy sort of way and yet full of beans. Rating: *****


Making additions or handling additions is always more fun than totting up the numbers aimlessly: that’s the conclusion you’ll arrive at towards the end of this week. At the beginning of the week, it’ll be obvious that more and responsibilities will soon be yours, more cash will soon be yours. Besides, more opportunities to unfurl your wings will soon be knocking at your door. Happily, you’ll put aside your earlier hesitation and take up even those things in which you don’t have that much experience. As a result, most of you will be able to carve out a much better footing for yourself at your place of work, even though the kind of professional interaction you desire will still tend to be elusive. Part of the reason for this is your own reserve, heightened perhaps, by lack of total trust in people you haven’t known for that long. Financial matters will be governed by favourable influences which will ring in long-term security for many of you. At the personal level, try and step up the level of your interaction.

Romance for the month: Generally, it’s a good month for love and romance. But you’ll need to add more spice to it, perhaps through some exciting outings or intimate dinners or twosomes according to the cards. Rating: ****


Realisations prompted by new situations which have developed will begin to sink in and mould your responses. For one thing, you’ll begin to revise your opinion about colleagues. For another, it’ll be brought home to you that you can’t take decisions in a hurry, but here you’ll be in a dilemma. Nobody could ever — so far — have accused you of being a shirker because as a rule, most of you are not just conscientious but very fastidious about working out details punctually. But this week could be different, as you yourself will realise that you’re shirking — not work but certain decisions. Admittedly, some of these decisions could be crunch ones both at your place of work and at home, but you’ll need to remember that a soft approach may help in postponing the issues or decisions, but then postponements can’t go on for ever. In business, there’ll be gains but some of the gloss will be taken away because others have got far more with far less effort. At the personal level, building on new equations in relationships will bring you both rewards and satisfaction.

Romance for the month: It’s the strength that your derive from being loved that will keep you going through a busy month in which you may not always be together physically. But you’ll have to make sure that you don’t take love for granted. Rating: ***