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This document is intended to serve as a guide to planning the implementation of your automated library system. With adequate planning, the process need not be overwhelming.

    The tasks involved in a complete implementation plan are:

        1. Staff preparation and project management
        2. Site preparation
        3. Orientation and testing
        4. Database creation
        5. Database design and profiling
        6. Database loading
        7. Functional integration
        8. System customization
        9. Staff instruction
        10. Documentation
        11. Transition to production
        12. Bibliography

    Each task must be considered and incorporated in the general library automation plan. The level of effort required for each step in the plan will depend on the library's current environment and situation. Preliminary planning may begin before the system is installed or even selected.

    This guide provides a general introduction to the various stages in implementing an integrated online library system (IOLS). While various tasks and decision points are identified to help you get started, detailed instructions for accomplishing the tasks or reaching the decisions are not provided. Planners should refer to more detailed planning guides, the experiences of other libraries available throughout library literature, and the IOLS documentation for additional information. An annotated bibliography is included to assist in your research.

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