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    After you define your data requirements, the next stage in the implementation project is planning the integration of automated functions into library procedures. This process includes the output analysis and functional analysis of both the old and new systems, elaborating on the preliminary system orientation and testing performed in the first phase. The goal of system integration depends on careful planning of how you will use the IOLS features.

Output Analysis

    During output analysis, review your current reports as well as those available in the IOLS. Are the existing reports sufficient or is additional reporting desired? You do not need to anticipate all of your reporting needs, if it is possible to create ad hoc management reports using the IOLS. Your output review may also identify report formats or screen displays that are inconvenient for your use.

Functional Analysis

    Automating the library is an excellent opportunity to examine and revise existing policies and procedures. You should review the functional areas of the IOLS, including data entry standards, workflow and procedures, acquisitions workflow and procedures, and reporting capabilities.

    While you plan how to perform daily operations using the IOLS, you may find a variety of tasks that are no longer necessary because of automation. When this happens, your local procedure manuals need to reflect the new process, eliminating superseded steps.

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