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"The software is a tool. The great solution is made by the programmer"

Grady Booch

Assembly news: Portuguese version of the Assembly material

This material was translated by Jeferson Amaral. Please check it out!

Welcome to our Assembly Language tutorial. We hope that all assembly information helps you in any manner. Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. They are welcome.

Table of contents

Why learn Assembler language?


Assembly Language Tutorial has the primary purpose of introducing you to assembly language programming. It is designed for people who have never worked with this language.

The tutorial is completely focused on computers that function with the Intel x86 family of processors, and since the language bases its functioning on the internal properties of these processors, the described examples are not compatible with any other architecture.

The information is structured in sections in order to allow easy access to each of the topics and facilitate the following of the tutorial.

In the introductory section some of the elementary concepts regarding computer systems are mentioned, along with the concepts of the assembly language itself, and continuing with the tutorial itself.

Why learn assembler language?

The first reason to work with assembler is that it provides the opportunity of a better understanding of the operation of your PC, which allows you to develop software in a more consistent manner.

The second reason is the total control of the PC which you can have with the use of the assembler, as opposed to high-level languages, which "hide" some of the computer's operations from you.

Another reason is that assembly programs are quicker, smaller, and have larger capacities than programs created with other languages.

Finally, the assembler allows an ideal optimization in programs, be it in their size or in their execution speed.